Thursday, December 12

Mama Kat Thursday: Things I Like About December

The Mama Kat prompt topic for today is: 
"Something You Like About December."

I actually like a lot of things about December:
I like it that it's finally cold and I can wear my cool weather clothes, like turtlenecks and sweaters. Though I live in north Florida, cold temps run between freezing to the mid 50's, but still, it's a refreshing change from the heat and A/C.

I love Christmas, which is part of December. I love all the houses glittering in the darkness with strings of lights and getting out the decorations to put around the house and making Christmas goodies! I also love all the Christmas cards, since this is only time of year I can look forward to something in my mailbox everyday besides advertising.
Since I do live in Florida, I like that I can walk outside in the crisp weather and enjoy seeing gorgeous Romaine, Purple Cabbage and Broccoli growing happily in my garden! I can also still harvest herbs like Greek Oregano, Parsley, Cilantro and Chocolate Mint!
December means lots of Mexican cooking at my house because of all that Cilantro!

I especially like remembering the real reason we even celebrate Christmas. The fact that Jesus wasn't actually born in December doesn't really matter---what matters is He was born in Bethlehem while Cyrenius was governor of Syria when Caesar Augustus ordered the first census.
In the early 4th century, when Julian was Roman Emperor, he wrote the following: 
"Jesus, whom you celebrate, was one of Caesar's subjects. If you dispute it, I will prove it by and by; but it may be as well done now. For yourselves allow, that he was enrolled with his father and mother in Cyrenius…"
 (It's important to note Julian was no follower of Jesus, but he couldn't dispute He existed, because it was a matter of record.)

Justin Martyr in the early 2nd century wrote, "Now there is a village in the land of the Jews, thirty five stadia from Jerusalem, in which Christ was born, as you can ascertain also from the registries of the taxing under Cyrenius your first procurator in Judea." 

Very few copies of documentation prove the historicity of Julius Ceasar while there are 1000's upon 1000's of documentations regarding Jesus.

(The Polyvore set at the top was created by one of my Polyvore friends, Warriormaiden.)


Lisa Lewis Koster said...

Love this post, especially the ending!!!

Jerralea said...

I agree. I love December for the Christmas lights and personal cards in the mail box.

Thanks for sharing there is historical proof that Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Some may not know.

God bless you and have a wonderful Christmas. May you receive lots and lots of cards!

Barbara said...

I feel like I just learned so much! Thanks! What a great post!

Mama Kat said...

So many great reasons to love December! I feel that same way. It's a great time of year!

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