Tuesday, December 3

Polyvore Tuesday: Dear Lillie

Today I signed us up at a new work place down the road called, "Bluewater Fitness."  Issuing a key-card for 24/7 access to a workout place seems the in-thing nowadays. In mid-morning, which is when I like to exercise, traffic is light and the drive pretty much a straight shot, even with traffic lights.
I have my hair appointment today to even my hair tone, then later I want to try a new cookie recipe I saw on Pinterest for gingerbread-chocolate cookies!
(I love anything with molasses! Did you know molasses is high in iron?)

The Polyvore set of the day is a interior contest set sponsored by a company called "Dear Lillie," that sells home decor.

While visiting their home page, I discovered that pillows with words printed on them, like "Joy to the World," or silhouettes in a single  color are the in-thing in home decor!
And I love doing text design! And Zazzle sells pillows! A polyester one and also a premium cotton in two shapes and two sizes.
So, I did a couple yesterday. One for Christmas using my "Merry, Merry" text design and a chocolate text one. I have plans for a coffee one and a few other ideas.
These sort of pillows at Dear Lillie were sold out they're so popular!
This is the advantage of doing these Polyvore contest sets--it shows me what's trendy!

Selected for Top Set for 7 Dec by Polyvore!
Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Come back tomorrow for Garden Pic Wednesday!

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