Wednesday, January 1

Mama Kat Thursday: 10 Best of 2013!

Mama Kat Thursday: "Your Top Ten Blog Posts From 2013"

Here's it is: my blog hit list of "most popular" posts for the past year all good for a re-read if you missed any!

Mama Kat: Blogging Tips:
Personal blogging tips.

Mama Kat: What Color is My Personality?
A chart & test on what colors make you look your best.

Garden Pic Wednesday: Red Amaryllis 
Photos of my red amaryllis and other garden flowers of the day.

My druthers on reading, starting with the Bible.

A totally random list of things I have no skills at and don't want to.

How I quit a job I'd had for 17 years.

The time my husband left love notes all over the house for me before a trip.

A laughable childhood family camping experience 

A couple of fashion sets I put together themed on Loki & Iron Man's Avenger costumes.

Mama Kat: Things I Like About December
Well, like the title says.


Be sure to stop back tomorrow for Friday Finds!


mj said...

Thanks for sharing your favorites with us. That red Amaryllis is beautiful!

Mama Kat said...

I LOVE that the writing prompts are coming in handy when I see them in your top posts of the year! Thank you for continuing to participate in my little workshop. I love reading your contributions!

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