Tuesday, January 28

Polyvore Tuesday: Butterflies & Balloons

 With this big freeze bring sleet and ice to the Florida coast, all the schools and colleges closed today. Even the fitness center classes were canceled for today and tomorrow.
(I found out after I drove there this morning!)
Fortunately it will pass through over night and be cleared out by morning, though ice may still be present first thing.
 Light snow is predicted for the southern portions of Mississippi & Alabama.
This can be a problem for southern cities, you know. They don't have rock salt supplies. In 1980 there was a freeze deep enough to ice highways between Montgomery and Atlanta. Especially bridges. Cars were sliding off the road everywhere! So, sawdust is spread on roads.
I covered a couple petunias still alive outside in pots.
 (They are buckled down just below the rims of the pots in a mulch of pine needles. ;)
I have one petunia indoors in a pot in the window, which is finally putting up a couple blooms. I suppose sunlight isn't direct enough for it to perform really well, but at least I'll have a nice well-established petunia to transfer outside when it eventually warms up, though I'm expecting the warmer temps of spring to be slow this year.
Anyway, today's Polyvore set is an art set I did for a group contest some time ago called, "Butterflies & Balloons."
Butterflies & Balloons

Come back tomorrow to see what I come up for Garden Pics!

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