Tuesday, January 7

Polyvore Tuesday: Modern Baroque

 I'm still working on taking down Christmas stuff. I need a whole week to do it after New Years Day, but with it falling on Wednesday this year, there just wasn't enough time to mess with it before Sunday, when I have to have things cleaned up for company---since it means boxes everywhere to take things down. Plus I don't like to have to be rushed about it. So, I'm working on it this week, a little at a time. 
Many of my pin ornaments need a look over for fixes before I bag and box them this time.

I was trying out my new camera today, walking around the yard taking pictures of my beds and garden "in winter" for the Mama Kat this week.  One is a petunia in a pot outside my front door, a closed red flower bud still poised in the air waiting for temps to rise before it opens--and it was 16 degrees last night! The water in the bird bowl was covered with ice this morning!
The cabbage and romaine in the garden look a little "burrr," but are still okay.
 Temps head back up toward 50's-60's starting Thursday.

Today's Polyvore set is an interior design contest set sponsored by Layla Grace, which sells furnishings, gifts and decor, that had to have a French theme.  
I'm no interior decorator, but I do know there are several periods of French interior design, which I looked up to get an idea what I wanted to aim at. Some popular periods include Louis XIV (Baroque), French Restoration & French Provincial (Country). Since the items provided by Polyvore for the contest were pretty much all Provincial, I wanted to do something different--so I chose a modern Baroque. I like the curves and ornateness of that style.
I found these white Baroque-style dining chairs in Polyvore (by searching under Louis) and themed my whole set on them for color: soft pinks, greens, blues & lavender.

Modern French Baroque

Come back tomorrow for Garden Pics!

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