Friday, February 21

Friday Finds: Funny & Useful Pinterest

First a couple of useful garden ideas from Pinterest to do with
Cinnamon & Aspirin:

#1)  Shake cinnamon over seedlings to prevent damping off diseases, mold and fungus!
I have a seed tray I'm sprouting seedlings in for my herb, veggie & flower garden right now and having seedlings die from mold on the damp dirt is a common problem---so I'm trying the cinnamon cure.  
My friend,  Megan, says she always has mold/mildew problems in anything she pots and I said, "why not mix a little cinnamon into the soil mix?"

#2)  Two Aspirin in a spray bottle of water will prevent various mildew and fungus diseases common in the veggie and flower garden. But it must be used before the problem sets in as a preventive. But that is true even with commercial mildew treatments, too. Once a mildew is established, it can't really be stopped.
I used this last year. I treat my Japanese Sky Pencils shrubs with it regularly because they can develop certain fungus root diseases easily.

Next, Something Funny:
My hubby and I are great fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ever since the first live action movie back in the late 80's. If you aren't familiar with the cartoon, these feisty human-sized turtles live underground in the sewer system and love pizza.
Another TMNT fan created this amusing photo with an arrow  pointing down at a manhole cover with a box that reads:
 "Ninja Turtle Party, 8 pm, B.Y.O.P
Bring Your Own Pizza
See you later"

And last, something awesome:
This shirt design!  It's based on the table on calories on the back of all grocery products. Wish I'd thought of it!

Come back Monday for Good Eating Monday!

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