Friday, February 14

Friday Finds: Stormtrooper Fun

There's always tons of Star Wars Stormtrooper humor to be found in Pinterest. Today's finds features some cute ones:

Of course, the references to Disney's acquistion of the Star Wars franchise is endless:

Then this clever reinactment of a famous WW2 photo, stormtrooper style:

Finally a Stormtrooper reading--what else? The Complete Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy!

Prior to Disney buying the Star Wars franchise, Zazzle used to have a Star Wars store, but that disappeared after the buy-out, because ,naturally, the license agreement with Lucas expired.
 Disney is no doubt re-imagining what franchise image products they want to sell.
 Once they decide, I'm quite sure Zazzle will start printing it for them, since they're licensed to print every other Disney thing including Disney characters, like Mickey, and film stuff like Toy Story, Monsters, Inc; Frozen, even the recent Lone Ranger and, of course, Captain Jack Sparrow.

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