Wednesday, February 19

Garden Pic Wednesday: Flowering Snake Plant

Greetings! Another fine Wednesday for gardening here in the south!
One of the good things about flowers and plants is if you don't like where they are, they can be moved.
We've decided the Cedar tree out front isn't looking healthy and it's too big to decorate for Christmas anymore. (A big section on one side is brown and dead looking--why I don't know. Either too much sun or some type of fungus.)

However, it's not so big we can't cut it down with a simple bow-saw ourselves. The stem is maybe 4 inches across.
I want to replace it with one of the evergreen trees such as I see used in the landscape at our local Walmart. They're already trained into a conical Christmas tree shape and have pretty red berries. Perhaps a type of needle-less holly; I'm not sure. 

I'd like to get 2: one to replace the cedar in front and one for in back where an Azalea died. Their denseness would make them attractive to birds for nesting.

Today's Garden Pics actually features an indoor cacti commonly known as a "Snake Plant" or "Mother-In-Law Tongue".

My Snake Plant Bloom
Did you know they flower?Mine blooms every winter.
It's flower quite unique looking: a light green stem with wispy white flowers.
Oddly, I've had this particular plant for about 27 years--though, of course, it's not the original, since it's been split and re-potted many times since I first found several

pots of Snake Plant abandoned behind a empty house back when we lived in base housing. 
It sits outside in a shady corner of my patio all summer, then spends the 4 months of cold weather in the house.
It only blooms this single stalk, but in winter when there's so little cheer outside outside to see, it's a welcome sight!

Be sure to stop back for Mama Kat tomorrow!

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