Thursday, February 6

Mama Kat Thursday: Childhood Candy Favs

The Mama Kat prompt for today is: 
"A favorite candy when you were a child. Is it still a favorite?"

I have fond memories of candy from my childhood. 
Candy bars were just 10 cents in the early 60's.
That doesn't seem like much now, but in the economy back then, that was the equivalent of something like 50 cents.
So, chocolate candy was something of a treat.
I have a distinct memory of sitting in the car as a kid, sorting my plain M&M's into their various colors from least to most, then eating in them in that order. They only came in red, green yellow, light brown and dark brown, back then, with red being fewest and dark brown, most numerous.

In my family we went through what I'd call "candy phases," where a certain candy would be like our fad favorite.
One summer it was Zero Bars.
The snack bar at the public pool in Martinsville sold them and we got hooked, our Mother included. So, we'd be buying them for an after-swimming treat before the drive home every trip. 

Then we discovered S'mores.
The recipe for them was in our 4-H recipe book and since we roasted wieners over an open wood fire often, we decided to give it a try. It was a novelty the first time and we used  Hershey bars as directed. After that, S'mores became a cook-out staple, though we decided Hershey bars didn't melt all the well. So, we switched to using
 Brach Chocolate Stars because they melted so better. We didn't snack on those Stars, however. If we had them, they were reserved for S'mores.

But if you ask me what my personal favorite candy of all time is and still is, there can be only one answer.

(No Friday Finds this week, since I'll be out of pocket most of the day!)


kelley jensen said...

I'm an almond joy girl myself! I do love smores, I use ghiradelli chocolate squares. I especially love the caramel one. The chocolate melts at such a low temp and the little square of chocolate is just right for a grahm.

Ginny Marie said...

S'mores are delicious! It wouldn't be summertime without making S'mores!

TMW Hickman said...

Mounds! Yum!

Mama Kat said...

Personally I'm an Almond Joy girl...Mounds only for desperate situations. It's the dark chocolate I'm not a fan of, but the coconut!! Yes please!

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