Wednesday, March 19

Garden Pic Wednesday: First Dutch Iris!

Greetings! Another lovely spring day on the Gulf Coast!
I've had a lot to do today: put houseplants out, replant the Wandering Jew, plant my two baby tomato seedlings and finish planting 2 trays of grass plugs!
My houseplants spend all summer under the shrubs at the back of the north side Hosta bed, where they can get fat and happy again after surviving my somewhat negligent water schedule. 
The Wandering Jew spends winter in a vase of water in my kitchen, then summer as a display plant in a pot in a front bed.
The two baby tomatoes needed their spot "prepped" for planting with garden soil and fertilizer & poles driven in to tie them up on later.
I had to put them in the far back bed this year, where I normally put squash or melon, this year because apparently tomatoes don't like being next to cabbage!  Who knew? Guess what? The whole middle of my veggie garden is occupied by red cabbage!
I'll have to plan that better next fall!
(Actually a lot of things don't like being planted next to cabbage. Beans, apparently don't either.)
 Be sure and research "garden companion planting" before planting your veggies! (References easy to find on Pinterest.)

Today's Garden Pic of the Day is my first Dutch Iris!

This type of Iris is a bulb and can be other colors. I just have purple, which is as close to blue as I can get with Iris.
In the garden, each stalk usually bears two blossoms with a second one appearing as the first is drying.
These particular Iris live in a pot out front. They're part of my "bulb container garden," that includes Cheers daffodils, Dutch Iris, Amaryllis and Spider Lily. Each appears in seasonal sequence with the Spider Lilies appearing last in September.
The Iris have been fruitful and reproduced, so there's no a whole cluster of them and 3 bloom stalks this year!
Normally the Amaryllis would be coming up now, too, but the winter freeze put it behind and it's still busy regrowing a new set of leaves! 
That's it for today! Be sure and check back for Mama Kat Thursday! You never know what the topic might be!

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