Thursday, March 13

Mama Kat Thursday: 10 Fav Snacks

The Mama Kat prompt selected for today is:
"My Top 10 Favorite Snacks As A Kid."

I had to set the Way-Back Machine for the late 1960's and journey back in time to those simpler days to even remember what snack enjoyed in my kid-hood.
We'd have treats sometimes, like a candy bar or something, but that wasn't my favorite snack. Favorite snacks were usually readily available in the cabinet or refrigerator at home.
So, here's my list of my favorite snacks growing up:

#1)   Peanut Butter on Graham Crackers with A Glass of Milk. I used to like dipping them in the milk so they'd get a little soggy (and still do, though I rarely have grahams on hand, mostly because I like eating them too much!)

#2)   Bran Muffins with Peanut Butter. These were home-made usually with raisins from an All-Bran cereal recipe.

#3)   Plain Catsup Sandwich. I'd just spread a little catsup on wiener bun. Did I mention I absolutely love catsup?

#4)   Frosted Graham Crackers. If our Mother made cupcakes for a school party or a birthday cake, she'd make home-made confectioner's sugar icing, then use the leftover icing to make frosted graham cookies. 

#5)  Bread Pudding Squares. Loaded with raisins, this home-made dessert would be served warm after dinner, then refrigerated and cut into bars for snacks the next day. Yum. 

#6)  Leftover Chocolate Pudding Cake. Another home-made dessert that was delicious cold the next day after school. I should mention microwaves weren't yet in popular use during my growing up years.

#7)  Anything Leftover From Our 4-H Baking Projects, like cookies or banana bread, etc.

#8)  Leftover Pumpkin Pie. Entirely home-made, this delicacy was available for snacking on cold both Thanksgiving & Christmas.

#9)  Mock Mincemeat Tarts. Mock mince-meat is a sweet/tart mix made of raisins, spices & chopped green tomatoes that our Mother would can in summers, then later make pies and tarts with at Christmas.

#10)  Home-made ice cream. We especially had this a lot during a year or two our neighbor was sharing their cow's milk with us! That means we had lots of rich cream to do something with

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Kat said...

It's funny you mention ketchup sandwiches; it reminds me of a friend whose sister would eat mustard sandwiches.

It sounds like your mother was a great dessert maker; you lucky kid! It rare that my mother baked and never really had a lot of talent for it.

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