Tuesday, March 4

Polyvore Tuesday: Jewels of the Sea

It's chilly today. Staying in except for a trip down to the fitness center this morning. I did a lot outside yesterday, though. Also on Saturday, the hubby and I pulled up and re-set all the blocks running along the strawberry bed and that was a big job. (Trying to arrange them so rain water will run down them away from the door walkway.)

Today's Polyvore set is one I just made for a new interior set sponsored contest with a $$ prize that is themed on "seaside living."
I'm really not all that fond of creating "tiny rooms," though I have when in the mood. Besides all the entries are pretty much just tiny rooms. I figure it might catch a judges eye to be something other.
I'm really pleased with today's set.
The contest didn't specify a particular "seaside," but I consider the color scheme for an Atlantic seaside (or even Pacific) to be different from a Gulf Coast seaside decor because the water on the east and west is deep blue; the water on the Gulf a lovely turquoise.
So what I decided to do is a decor scheme based on color; one side for Atlantic blue and one for Gulf Coast Turquoise.
It's just a paint sample plus art, place mats, plates, pillows and assorted sea or color themed nick-nacks.
But most importantly, today it's not a tiny room arranged with tiny furniture.

Jewels of the Sea

I think shells and fish can quickly become trite in real life decor, but they look pretty in this set.

Initially, my guest bath had a teal, pink and sea shell theme when I first decorated it, but I found myself quickly "trapped" with that scheme. It is very constricting. Pretty soon I found I couldn't do anything except teal and shells, then that stuff gets hard to find when it goes out of vogue. (Which teal and pink did.)
Though, I did hold onto a couple of the conch shells and they're still in that bathroom. One is huge and perfect. Interestingly, my step-son found it abandoned along with a very nice glass cake plate behind a house on base someone had moved out and brought it home. 
(No doubt they, too, discovered the limitations of a shell decorating scheme!)
The other is a small conch, about 5 inches in size, that my younger sister brought back as a  souvenir from a conference she attended years ago, back when she was still working as a respiratory therapist. We all got conference souvenirs in our Christmas stockings that year!
Both shells hold a sentimental value. But I did get rid of the pink & teals and seashell wall border. 

Stop back for tomorrows Garden Pic Wednesday!

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