Wednesday, April 30

Garden Pic Wednesday: Beans & Lush Front Bed

It's a sloppy day. Over the past 48 hourse here in North Florida we've had something in the range of 24 inches of rain.
That's bad.
Pensacola, which is 50 miles away, is suffering flooding on streets in low neighborhoods, roads washed out, drivers stranded in vehicles on watery streets, etc. G
overnor Scott just arrived to assess their situation. Schools are closed. Our fitness center said no classes today.
It's a mess.
 It was a cold-front inspired storm last night that clashed into the warmer Gulf air resulting in a violent lighting storm with wind and rain all night long. 
My back yard is a swamp again, particularly in the rain garden corner---but, that is as it should be. It is very slowing draining and is just pooled due to the bulk of water.
Actually, the rain garden was just perfect after the first day of rain. It was the second day that was a bit much.
Even so, all that rain water successfully drained away from the house, which is exactly as it should.
The rain garden would be more effective if it were fully planted. Luckily extended forecast suggests I'll have several weeks of mostly sunny weather with ordinary heat storms, so things will dry out eventually.
I did get notice my Giant Tropical Lily baby has been shipped and will arrive this week.
I did have a good chance this morning to access what improvements need to be made & make sure drainage channels aren't clogged with debris.
Today's task are various fix-it jobs. We had a leak from a skylight in our master bath last rain, 3 weeks ago, I need to spray with Upshot and so on.
(Hubby resealed skylights, so no problem this time!)

Today's Garden Pics:
First, my bell peppers and newly sprouted Dwarf French Purple Beans:
 That bushy greenery to right is a day lily. There's a row of them in this bed, which is right outside my front door, to the right along the south side of the house. 

Next: A shot of one of my front beds looking so lush and green after the rain:
In the background my house is on the left. Hosta bed is visible along the bottom between shrubs.

This bed in the foreground is a feature of my front yard, one of a pair (one is behind where I'm standing) and I've added text identifications to highlight some of the plantings: Hardy Hibiscus, Pampas Grass, Sky Pencil, Amaryllis, Daylily, Sea Holly & Hot Poker lilies. Liriope is the grassy stuff at the bottom edge of photo.

Stop back tomorrow for Mama Kat! 

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