Wednesday, April 16

Garden Pic Wednesday: Roses, Oregano & Amaryllis!

Another day of yard work!  It was in the upper 30's last night, cool enough I had to wear a turtle neck to the Bible study we do on base! First time I've ever worn one this late in the spring! But temps went back to normal the next day.
To day I planted several shrubs I bought last week: A Bridal Veil bush, which is also called Spirea (such as pictured to left) and 2 new Lantana: a dark all-pink and a orange/red. All are in the back "woodsy" area, which I can see out my back sliding glass door. In general I'm trying to improve my view with various flowers, shrubs, hostos & ground cover.

First up for Garden Pics today: 
Pretty red roses from my new rose topiary tree arranged in a vase with a Flag Iris and Pin Cushion flowers:

 Next, my lovely Greek Oregano on the side wall:
This is such great stuff! Not just because of flavor, but it's an extremely durable perennial, that comes back yearly. 
It's prime for cutting and drying right now, so that's on my mental "to-do" list soon.

Last, my showy red Amaryllis:
Located in a pot a front bed, these bulbs lost their leaves in the January freeze, but came back.
It's hard to get a camera to capture red well, I've noticed. I should try a late day with less sun maybe. This was mid-morning.
What the camera can't "see" is all the tiny glittering sparkles in the red of the petals!

Stop by tomorrow and see what's up for Mama Kat!

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