Wednesday, April 9

Garden Pic Wednesday: Spring Flowers!

When we drove up to Indiana at the end of March 2014, it was still winter. It even snowed, though it melted away the same day. When we drove home to Florida again, the further south we drove the greener things got. We arrive home to find spring fairly exploding and everything coming to bloom, the grass rich and green and the trees leaved out.

Below is one of my Azaleas: this one is in fuller bloom this year then any of my others!
(They're unpredictable that way.)

Next: Ever seen a green scallion in bloom? 
Here you go. I have a pot full of green onions that have been in there a couple years and this year they've bloomed!

And Last: my yellow Flag Iris:
These like a boggy, wet area and bloom profusely in spring. perfect for rain gardens. They also come in purple.
I cut some to mix in with my purple Dutch Iris and they perform okay in a vase, though each blossom only lasts one day, but each stem contains 2 to 3 more blossoms that bloom in turn as the old one dies.
Home grown Dutch Iris, likewise, lasts only a day or two, then a second bloom comes up, even when cut in a vase. Usually just 2 blooms per stem. Dutch Iris come in a variety of shades and bi-colors in a range of dark or light purples, yellows, whites, even oranges, though I like the traditional purple myself.

After all those years working in a flower shop with people always asking for Iris, I made it my ambition to grow my own Dutch Iris to cut for my own vase. It's taken 3 years since the initial planting to start seeing a significant quantity.
There are lots of breeds of Iris available. Dutch, Japanese, German, Flag, Louisiana, Siberian. Just peruse your favorite garden catalog!

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