Monday, April 7

Good Eating Monday: Fabulous Dining on the Road

Greetings! We've been away visiting family in Indiana for 2 weeks and now I'm back!
Since I haven't been here to do any cooking, I decided to feature some of the great places we had meals at in Terre Haute and our favorite Alabama steakhouse for this weeks Good Eating!

We were in Terre Haute Indiana, home of the Clabber Girl Baking Powder plant, museum & bakery. (They also make Rumford Baking Powder, which is a different formula then Clabber Girl. Who knew different brands of baking powder have their own unique formulas?)
My 92 year old Uncle was visiting, so we took him, ourselves, my Mother and met up with sister, Patty, and neice, Caitlin, at the Clabber Girl Bakery for brunch.
They have a delightful menu of breakfast and lunch options and served Rex coffee, which they roast on the premises. I had a classic baking powder biscuit with egg & cheese, but Mother and hubby had a Sunshine Breakfast featuring wholegrain toast, plain yogurt with granola & dried cranberries plus fruit, the whole thing drizzled with honey. 

We also tried a couple of local restaurants in Terre Haute as well.
One called Delish Cafe @ 2144 N 25th St and The Grand Traverse Pie Company.
 At the Delish I had a Monte Cristo, having never tried one before. They brought out a couple grape jelly packs with it, since, apparently, spreading grape jelly on it is the proper way to eat one! The meal included a home-made soup of the day and fries. Hubby had the Oreo pancakes and eggs, Caitlin had the burger with egg on it and Uncle had chicken & dumplings over mashed potatoes.
I don't recall anyone else's meal choices, but we thought it so good we'll be sure to stop at the Delish again next trip up!

The Grand Traverse Pie Company is close to some of the Indiana State University campus in downtown Terre Haute. They serve sandwiches, soups, pot pies, quiche, a variety of loaded baked potatoes and a broad range of pies & cobblers for dessert. 
Hubby and I had the huge loaded Idaho's. Mine included chicken and his was topped with beef barbecue. Patty and Caitlin had sandwiches and soup and Uncle and Mother tried pot pie and quiche, respectively.
Then hubby and I split blueberry cobbler ala mode, which was good. Most impressive, however, was the Pie Company's cherry flavored coffee. We bought a pack to take home, having never tasted such a excellently cherry flavored coffee ever, anywhere!

Before departing Terre Haute, we all met up at Taco Bell to try their new breakfast! Nephew Chase came and even his Dad, Brent joined us. 
The breakfast crunch wrap and the breakfast burrito seemed to me the best items that I'd eat again.
On the negative, I found the waffle taco too small, like a kid's serving and the doughnut balls full of frosting too sweet & greasy.
Also, the coffee comes from a machine, not a pot and they only had one behind the counter. No decafe. Plus creamer was a CoffeeMate pump and they had to put your coffee stuff in for you--and really, I prefer to add sugar and creamer myself. It did taste okay, however.

On the trip back (and up) our favorite steak place is on the I-65 corridor in north Alabama, such south of Decatur at exit 334 for Priceville.  The JW Steakhouse.  They have the best premium aged beef I've ever eaten. Melts in the mouth. Of course, they serve chicken & fish, but we go there for the steak. Meals include 2 sides of your choice and come with a fresh baked yeast roll. Prices are moderate for a steak place, depending on cut and size, of course. On the way back I had the beef kabobs over rice, plus two other sides and the roll, which was $11.  The 12oz Wyoming Ribeye is $17 and the 12oz Kansas Strip is $15, just as examples. (You can visit the link to view the actual menu!) 
We've had their dessert cobblers before and those are yummy, too.
We also stop overnight at one of the motels at the exit just so we can eat there, so, if you're driving the I-65 between Montgomery and Nashville, I definitely recommend JW's!

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