Tuesday, April 29

Polyvore Tuesday: Dr. Daniel Jackson, Stargate

I only have one Polyvore set today, one of my Stargate SG-1 collection: Dr. Daniel Jackson, portrayed by Michael Shanks.

Dr. Daniel Jackson, Stargate SG-1

Dr. Daniel Jackson, Stargate SG-1 by madamdreamweaver

We recently re-watched the original Stargate film with a young James Spader as Dr.Jackson and the resemblance Michael Shanks sought to achieve when he took the role for series with the long hair & glasses to Spader's character was remarkable. Then in the 3rd season, Shanks got a more military haircut and, over the transition of the show, grew in his soldiering skills considerably.
Michael Shanks is currently working on a series called, "Saving Hope," which is in it's 3rd season in Canada, though it was cancelled by NBC for airing in US.
As shows go that reflect the U.S. military, Stargate SG-1 did it fairly well. They had military advisers at least some of the time.
In the actual military, anytime you're out of doors, it's required that you be wearing "your cover," meaning a hat. (Their are several hat style options depending on uniform.).
I never saw Colonel O'Neill ever wear anything, but the brimmed  "bus driver" hat. In one episode, he just casually throws his (rather expensive) "bus driver" hat to one side on the floor, then goes about bare-headed for the remainder of the episode-- which is a HUGE no-no!

That always bothers me, because a real Colonel, would have kept that hat tucked under his arm rather then throwing it aside and walking off. 
In an episode commentary, Director Peter DeLuise specifically complained about the Air Force's hat requirement out of doors, because hats obscure the actors faces, so he would film indoors to get around it.

Samantha Carter, on the other hand, when in dress blues, is always shown wearing the skirt/jacket combo, though there is a pants/jacket blues combo as well. I'm sure it as an artistic aesthetic that made them prefer the skirt.
She also
 always wore her hair short on the show, which looked good on Amanda Tapping. However, Air Force women may have long hair as long as it's worn up while in uniform in such a way it doesn't interfere with hat wear. 
In the 2 Stargate movies, she departs from short hair and wears her long hair in a braided pony-tail down her back, another no-no, and not pinned up as regs require. (Women's hair may not hang below the back edge of the collar.)
 This always bugs me, since I served in the Air Force myself and remember the regs on dress quite well. I had long hair that I wore up while in uniform every day for 5 years.

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