Tuesday, April 8

Polyvore Tuesday: Jonas Quinn, Stargate SG-1

Hubby and I have the whole DVD collection of Stargate SG-1 which we enjoy watching through regularly.
Currently, there's a sorry lack of good, clean, well-written space exploration fiction shows on television, though I've read that in fall of 2014 a new privately funded made-for-TV Star Trek movie called "Star Trek: Renegades" will be aired. (In pie-in-the-sky hopes of re-launching a Trek series---we'll see. It's set 10 years after Voyager.)
Interestingly, Corin Nemec has a role in that Trek. He also played Jonas Quinn in Stargate SG-1 in the end of Season 5, all of Season 6 and 3 episodes in Season 7, including the episode "Fallout," which he wrote.
The character, Jonas Quinn, was marvelous in my opinion. He had a Sherlock Holmes quality for observation that surely could have been further developed had he remained on the show. (The episode "Nightwalkers" really show-cased that detective potential--also Nemec's fav episode, too!)
 It's too bad he couldn't have played through Season 7 & 8, so he could have gotten past the new guy point.
According to Mr. Nemec as well as show producers, he was interested in writing more episodes for Jonas, even pitched many ideas they were open to, but life got in the way and other work kept him too busy to get back to it.
Other trivia: Corin Nemec bulked-up 25 pounds (= 4 pants sizes) for the role. But maintaining that Quinn look meant working out twice a day, 6 days a week and lots of protein powder. About that, he said he "felt like he was living at the gym."
He's back to his normal skinny self these days, but I think the Jonas Quinn look a much healthier look.

So today's Polyvore set features the inscrutable Jonas Quinn:

Jonas Quinn, Stargate SG-1

Jonas Quinn, Stargate SG-1 by madamdreamweaver 

I liked it so well, I may consider doing sets for all the main Stargate characters!
We also have been watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, though episode 1 of "Uprising" that aired on April 1, 2014 labeled events as occurring in "Pensacola Florida" at an allegedly  "abandoned track."  This track (clearly a horse track) featured a multi-story stadium that included a subterranean basement where the main action occurred. This was a mistake. I really hate when Hollywood just slaps a location on something with no regard for whether it would really work or not which totally misrepresents a place.
I live on the Florida Panhandle about 50 miles from Pensacola and have been there many times.

Pensacola, like most towns along Florida coast, is only a few feet above sea level. So public buildings just don't have basements.
(Neither do most homes)
Pensacola also doesn't have a horse track, but does have a Grey Hound track that is an unimpressive one-story ground level building.
What horse tracks exist in Florida are on the southern peninsula.
If the show had labeled the action as occurring in Tallahassee, that would have been more reasonable. Since it's further inland, it's higher ground and mildly hilly. Basements are possible there.
Just poor research on the show's part.

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