Tuesday, April 22

Polyvore Tuesday: Samantha Carter, Stargate SG-1

Another fine day for me to go out and finish cleaning up my strawberry bed the runs along the house, actually below the window of where I'm sitting. My regular veggie garden spot is swamped, but this strawberry bed is a high ground.
So, this year, that's where I'm planting my beans and bell peppers.
I call it a "strawberry bed," but it isn't full of strawberries, despite what I envisioned. I have about a dozen scattered, hearty southern-type strawberry plants that are bearing well this season (though they seem to lack any penchant for widely spreading.) At the back of the bed along the house, there's a row of day lilies (my specialty colored ones) and, at the end of those, a smattering of blackberry canes. So, over all, plenty of room for a few veggies, especially in the area close to the front entry, giving easy access.

Today's Polyvore sets feature:
 Samantha Carter, portrayed by Amanda Tapping, from Stargate SG-1, a group contest set featuring Zazzle pillows and a Keds shoe contest set.
Most promo photos came from Gateworld.net.
You may notice each Stargate set features an outer space background that gives them continutiy as a set.

Capt/Maj/Col Samantha Carter, Stargate SG-1
Capt/Maj/Col Samantha Carter, Stargate SG-1 by madamdreamweaver

An interior Zazzle pillow themed set for a new group I joined called Razzle Zazzle:
The front 3 pillows are my design while the red one in back was a featured item option that had to be included.

Styles for Every Taste

Styles for Every Taste by madamdreamweaver

And, finally, my Favorite contest entry I did for a new Keds sponsored contest:
The contest theme is Keds Brave Hearts program for youth.

Make it a Date with Keds

Make it a Date with Keds by madamdreamweaver

Come back tomorrow to see what's clicking for Garden pics!

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