Wednesday, May 7

Garden Pic Wednesday: Pink Lantana & Chinese Stonecrop

 This morning was just mowing and a little edging of beds. And by edging, I meant with a spade shovel, so I can move those nice bits of St. Augustine that are over-growing into the flower bed to bare spots in the yard. We need to go to Walmart tonight to pick river pebble, topsoil and whatever else I need to work on the back yard, particularly the rain garden area.
 It's not fully dry, but dry enough and I really need to get my giant tropical lily in the ground--it's in such a small pot.

Today's Garden Pics:

First, my new Pink Lantana:

So pretty!
 Lantana is wide, sprawling shrub when fully mature, about 3 to 4 feet and about 18 tall, though very adaptable to pruning.
This pink is beside a red with a bit of left-over yellow Lantana I still had behind them, all 3 planted a slight incline. I hope they'll eventually provide a cascade of color on that incline that I'll be able to look out on from my sliding glass door.

Next: Chinese Stonecrop Sedum in Flower:
This is fantastic stuff! Great for a wall border like this to drape and spill over the side. Tough as nails, too--it took being iced over this winter, thawed and kept on going.
It would make a great ground cover in shade under a tree where grass doesn't want to grow that can be mowed over.
It's nice also in a pot by itself. Any pinch of stem stuck in soil grows, so very easy to propagate.
 It is, however, aggressive and invasive and doesn't play nice with other succulents or plants in pots and definitely needs room to go nuts.

Stop back for Mama Kat tomorrow!

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