Wednesday, May 14

Garden Pic Wednesday: Rain Garden

Happy Wednesday!
Today, I'm doing inside stuff because it rained this morning. I usually re-dye all my black summer capri's  yearly to freshen their color again and, since I have some brown, I did a round of brown dye as well. The only down side is having to clean out the washer barrel afterwards.
The light carrot cake with the cream cheese & muscarpone icing was delicious without being too sweet. It definitely will be Monday's Good Eat recipe!

Today I have "before" & "after" pics of my back yard rain garden:
You can immediately see why I might want one here. This is where rain water gathers, though it does slowly drain out as well as soak in. 

A Giant Red Leaf Tropical Lilly in the center here is the star feature for this rain garden. It's just a baby.When mature and filled out, this leafy giant will easily be 4-5 feet tall and wide.It's burgundy-tinted color will help break up the wall of green and it will eventually bloom huge, fragrant, spidery pink blossoms. 
The plants in the foreground are native orange day lilies and the feather greenery is liatris.
I'm still working on planting the area, so it's a work in progress!
Stop back tomorrow to see what's up for Mama Kat!

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