Thursday, May 22

Mama Kat Thursday: Blog Challenged

The Mama Kat Prompt topic for this week is:
"The most challenging part about blogging for me is..."
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...Having no comment interaction aside from visitors from Mama Kat, who do leave me a few comments every week.
(Which I very much appreciate!)
So, getting more comment interaction would be something I'd like to improve.
I'd also like to improve my page visit ratio, perhaps my getting my blog around on other blog locations. I did look into that, but so far, no responses to any applications. So, I'm open to suggestions for blog groups to join--maybe you have some you like?

I also word searched "blog struggles" to see what might be common problems and hit upon a blog called, Social Mouths, where that blogger had done a poll, then suggestions for various common blogging problems.
For example, his suggestion for gleaning more comment interaction was: "Finish your posts with an open question. Ask readers to provide their opinions on the subject."

I have observed this idea used in other Mama Kat posts, but never really considered doing it myself. Now, I guess I'll think it over.
Whatever I do has to fit into my over-all blogging goals:
#1) It must to be easy for me to keep up with.  
#2)  It must be interesting enough to me personally to spend regular time writing about.
I do have a weekly content schedule:
Good Eating Mondays are food & recipes.
Polyvore Tuesday is artistic.
Garden Pic Wednesday features photos from my garden & what garden projects I'm up to.
Mama Kat Thursday, of course, features a series a prompts I choose from, then post every Thursday at Mama Kat site. (Click "Mama Kat" for more info!) She also has Vlogging Workshop topics. 
Friday Finds is a mixed bag ranging from cute or amusing Pinterest photos to Zazzle product finds I like.

And because I know I do have a couple family and maybe one or two friends who read my blog, I usually throw in some personal tidbits, like movies we've seen or things we're up to.

Having thought this "asking questions" thing over now, I've decided I'll only post carefully worded questions on particular aspects of some posts, as seems most useful and relevant to myself and possible readers.
Also it's true that the quantity of social media that people interact daily has greatly reduced blog comment interaction--which a good point made by a couple long time bloggers.
For increasing visits, one commenter suggested www.linkyhere, which is a Link Party Directory. Let me pass that on.
Because it was mentioned that "people don't necessarily like the anti-spam devices they have to fill out to leave a comment," (I have a number captcha), let me say I used to have a blog with no such options and spent way too much time having to delete constant spam comments, so I don't regret a mild spammer deterrent.
Truth is, people do what's important enough to them to do.
 Better Home & Gardens sweepstakes entries require filling in a number captcha for each and every entry every day, but I doubt that fazes anyone motivated by winning. So, it's really a matter of perspective.
Thanks for visiting!
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Margaret said...

Right now I am trying to figure out the same thing. All I have figured out is that you have to find and comment on other blogs in order to get more comments on your blog.

Alecia said...

What has worked for me is to end with a call to action - ask a question, ask for additional ideas, etc. That has worked in the past. Also, start commenting on other people's sites and sometimes they will return the favor by commenting on yours.
Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

Andrea Ryan said...

I hear you! Aside from comments from Mama Kat visitors and one other linkup I do, I have very few comments. My blog is still new, and I have no followers :( which is what I hope to improve on! Keep up the good work!
Visiting from Mama Kat's.

Emily said...

I don't worry about comments on my blog any more so much as to whom is responding to me via social media venues. Are you promoting your posts on FB, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest, and other social media that you know well? Responses from those count too!

B Nickerson said...

Thanks for all you info!

Forgetful Mom said...

Commenting on blogs seem to have be dying everywhere. As for visits, find some good linkys to join, that's how I got started. I use this to find some great ones. Commenting on other blogs is great too! I always check out the bloggers that comment on my blog. :-) Good luck growing.
P.S. Not everyone will fill in captcha to leave a comment.

Mama Kat said...

I agree with Forgetful Mom up above, commenting on blogs has really died down. Back in the day people would get 50 to 100 comments on a single post and now those same blogs are receiving much much less. I think this is because people are preoccupied on other platforms, they don't have the time to comment and all the engagement they do on those platforms is all they have in them to do. In short, it's not's them. Just keep reminding yourself of that!

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