Tuesday, May 20

Polyvore Tuesday: Cliff Simon's Ba al, Stargate SG-1

This past weekend we saw a movie called, "Mom's Night Out."  It's a clean, really funny family movie about 3 Mom's who want a break from the kids for girl's night out at a fancy restaurant and the chaos that ensues when the Dad's take over baby-sitting. You'll want to be sure and stay till the end of wall the credits, because humorous cuts are scattered through-out the credit roll and at the end. It stars Sean Astin, Sarah Drew, Patricia Heaton & Trace Adkins.
I don't have kids, so I didn't relate to that part, but part I did relate to something Patricia Heaton, who plays a pastor's wife, said to Allyson (Sarah Drew) as she thanked her for inviting her along on the girl's night out.
She said, "It's been 5 years since anyone invited me to anything."
I get that. 
My husband and I run the Bible Study for the Airman up on base and invitations to join in a fun outing, like to a restaurant, are relatively rare.

Today's Polyvore set features Cliff Simon from Stargate SG-1.

Ba'al, Stargate SG-1

He was a character regular as a Goa' uld, which is an parasitic and egotitical alien that must occupy a human body to get around.
They usually pose as a false god to control populations on whatever worlds they dominate.
Mr. Simon portrayed a Goa'uld, named "Ba'al," beginning in season 6 and continuing through the final movie, Stargate Continuum.
Sometimes, often reluctantly, Ba'al would find himself working in cooperation with SG-1 to defeat Anubis and find a weapon against the Ori.
He continues to work in series television as various characters.
Cliff Simon is originally from South Africa, but currently lives in Malibu with wife, Colette, who is a hair dresser & also from South Africa. He's 52. 

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