Tuesday, May 27

Polyvore Tuesday: StarScape

Welcome to the last week of May!  Did you have a good Memorial Day holiday? Do anything interesting?
We ended up doing something quite interesting---something we've never done before! As we drive back and forth to the fitness center, we've observed a new restaurant being built. This Memorial weekend 2014 as we drove home for working out, we observed this restaurant was complete and apparently open for business.
 I said, "Let's eat lunch there and try it out." So we went home, cleaned up, then drove back. The place is called "Hurricane Grill & Wings."  Walking in, we discovered the Hurricane Grill wasn't "officially" open, but was having a promotional trial opening for friends & family of employees with a special menu so the cooks and wait staff could all practice. There was a even some kind of camera crew roaming around taking pictures of food people were eating. However, the hostesses said, if we could wait till 1:15, they'd seat up. (It was nearly 1 o'clock then.)
We said, "sure."
The cool thing about the deal was it was all free! We had a choice of 1 appetizer to share, 1 entree each and 1 dessert to share--for free. Iced tea and soda were also free.
It was fantastic for the novelty of it. We liked it so much, we made a reservation for lunch the next day, which was still a free promotional, for not only ourselves, but our friends, Chris & Evan from our Tuesday Bible study to join us.
  Since it was 4 of us, we got to try both appetizers, new entrees and our server was generous enough to give Chris & Evan each their own sliver of Hershey chocolate cheese cake, while hubby & I shared a sliver of salted caramel cake. Both desserts were tasty.
Managers were visiting tables collecting critiques and suggestions for improvement for both food & service, which was neat.

Today's Polyvore set is another Stargate SG-1 set, this one featuring an amusing episode from season 10 after Ben Browder & Claudia Black of Farscape fame joined the cast. 
The episode was "200," which was generally about a movie script for a fictional movie called "Wormhole X-treme" that the Stargate personnel were supposed to be advisors on.
Vala corners the "movie producer" and springs an show idea on him that is a parody on Farscape with all the Stargate cast taking on the various Farscape roles. Vala (Claudia) is Aeryn, Dr. Jackson is Crichton, Carter is Chiana, Teal'c is a D'Argo-type, Col. Mitchell (Browder) is Stark, which was his idea, and an Asgard puppet stand-in for Rygel.
Even funnier, the whole parody was spent repeating all the made-up swear words commonly used on Farscape.
It was sort of a wink to all the Farscape fans. 
StarScape...When Sci-Fi Worlds Collide...

StarScape...When Sci-Fi Worlds Collide... by madamdreamweaver 

They also did a funny rendition of Wizard of Oz in the same episode with Vala as Dorothy, Mitchell as the Scarecrow, Dr. Jackson as the Lion and Teal'c as the Tin Man.
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