Friday, June 13

Friday Finds: Contest Invitations & Summer Stamp

Finds I have today are 2 of my recent Zazzle Contest invitations & an adorable Summer Postage Stamp!
Contest rules require the invitations be 5 x 7 and set on a specific dye-cut invitation style on one choice of paper.
 Once the contest is over later in July, I'll reset the options, so these invitations so a customer can choose any size or paper.
You can visit my store to see all my Unique Invitation Designs!

First, my baby shower invite: 
The border design appears "embroidered," (which is a neat ability my graphic program can do!)
Flowers & hearts are soft teal & peach with tan stitching on a light tan background. The opening is a poem I wrote, which is part of the design. The teal text with name and shower details is customizable.
I left the back blank. One could just address the back and mail it postcard style rather then buying the extra envelopes, though that would depend on how formal you wanted to be.

Next: my House Warming Party Invitation:
It's done in Naive Art style, which means the art is child-like and simplistic. I based the design on how I used to draw houses and trees in first grade. Title lettering has a broad, paint stroke look in multi-colors. Black text is customizable for party details.
I think it's fun looking!
This invitation is definitely one I would skip envelopes on and just post like a postcard.

Finally, my favorite seasonal stamp design: Summer in the City!
This is also a Naive Art design featuring a neighborhood street with a tiny ice cream truck. The title was inspired by the classic song from Lovin' Spoonful. 
It's designed strictly for the small stamp,, which are the same size as your basic Forever USPS stamps.
The $ rate is customizable, so you can buy first class, postcard or other rates.


My friend, Megan likes to keep a sheet or two of Zazzle stamps around for special occasions, like birthday stamps for mailing birthday cards or thank-you stamps for mailing thank-you cards, which is a great idea!

See you Monday!

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