Wednesday, June 18

Garden Pic Wednesday: Shades of Blue

It's getting to be sweltering in the early afternoon, so I headed out  by 10 a.m. to get when it was still below 80 to mow the back yard.  I did a little clean-up on spent day lily stems and my Cannas with diluted Neem to give them a little protection and being further devoured by Leaf-rollers. (The lavre of Long-tailed Skippers!)  But it's been long enough; they should be done now.
I saw my first butterfly today, a Gulf Fritillary!  lenty of Pondhawke dragonflies about, though I haven't caught one on camera this year--yet! (These are one of the few dragonflies that will perch and rest long enough for a picture!)
I've got a pair of Thrashers, which is type of large brown bird, eager to pick up any popcorn or chips I throw out on the ground!
Plus, I was delighted recently to see the courtship ritual of not just one pair of Cardinals, but two!
He offers her a seed. She accepts and that seals the deal for one nesting season!

Today's featured pic is a collage I put together at
of 6 blue flowers I have in my garden:
I have a goal of collecting blue flowers for my garden and these are a few I have so far!

Left to right, top row: Agapanthus (Lily of the Nile), Plumbago, Scabiosa (Pin Cushion Flower).
Left to right, second row: Bacholar Button (Cornflower), Blue Hydrangea, Balloon Flower.
So, what's your favorite color flower?
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