Tuesday, June 17

Polyvore Tuesday: Inside Every Woman Is A Hero

Greetings! Another sunny June day, though we've reached the season of pop-up summer storms inspired by the Gulf heat & humidity and it's looking dark outside right now. That doesn't mean I'll get a drop of rain, however.
I'm  making a Black Forest Snack Cake to take to Bible Study tonight. (Recipe in a previous most about "Quick Snack Cakes")
And for dinner before we go, I'm going to use a can of Thai Kitchen coconut milk to cook my rice in, then will stir fry that together with ginger, garlic, onions & green pepper for a side to go with our leftover pork chops.
I'm currently using garlic I grew this past winter. All I can say is, wow, fresh home-grown garlic is sooo much better! It's more potent in a flavorful way.

Today's Polyvore set is was a group contest set themed on something "bottled up," and a bottle had to be used, which explains the bottle in this picture with superheros in it.

Inside Every Woman Is A Hero

Inside Every Woman Is A Hero by madamdreamweaver 

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