Tuesday, June 10

Polyvore Tuesday: Vogue Fairy Tinkerbelle

I've been working on invitation designs for Zazzle for a contest they're hosting to introduce their new line of dye-cut invitation stock. You can see them on the Flash Panel.
I'm especially pleased with the one with the embroidered daisy & heart border, which is a baby shower invitation, because it features a little poem I wrote. There's also a party invitation suited for any kind of party and a housewarming party design.
It's been a big learning curve--I've never designed invitations before. I didn't even know exactly what, like a wedding invitation, should say. Or a shower invitation. I had to study other Zazzle invitations to figure that out.
Plus Zazzle totally revamped the invitation design platform this past week AFTER the contest was started---so I had to adjust to that, too.
All the invitations are customizable, so you just fill in what you want them to say in the provided boxes.
Good news is creating things for the contest has revitalized my creative juices! They had been on the blah side a couple months.

Today's Polyvore set is one designed for a "Secret Pal" Group Contest and I've been assigned a secret pal to make 3 sets for.
It features the Disney character Tinkerbelle as she might look 
as a real person, which is a style of set-making my secret pal seems to enjoy creating. I cut and pasted pieces of magazine stuff to create the "Vogue Fairy" article as a background. Also the legs, arms & head were all separate parts put together. (This is called "Doll-Making" in Polyvore.)
It's an actress's face I used that I found in the Polyvore clip-art and the expression and stance is just, to me, hilarious.
Gift #3, Vogue Fairy Tinkerbelle

My secret pal generally likes Disney, so I also did a Maleficent set for her and a nature scenery set with a fairy in it, because she seems to like fairies in general.
I  hope she likes her surprise sets. Last time I participated in this secret pal thing, the person I made sets for didn't even say "thanks." 

So what was the last frustrating thing you worked on?
What revitalizes your creativity?

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Jerralea said...

You seem to be a very creative person! I love your humanized version of Tinkerbelle! Hopefully your secret pal will be grateful - she should be!

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