Friday, July 11

Friday Finds: Heroes For Higher!

Today I want to spotlight a really cool organization called Heroes For Higher. 
It's the result of one Fireman's vision to inspire children to be heroes in everyday life through appearances with a positive message by well-known costumed comic heroes, such as Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider Man and so on. Though for legal reasons they use similar, but different names for their characters, such as "Gotham Knight, American Hero, Iron Hero and Webbed Wonder."

The Batman costume he wears is an authentic "Dark Knight" film costume, such as Christian Bale wore in Batman Begins.

Here's a brief excerpt from their website:
"The numbers astound us! We have been in front of over 30,000 little heroes this first year. And the momentum continues to build as we move into the school systems throughout the Tri-State, as well as the Church sector. In the schools, we are teaching the children our BE THE HERO AGAINST DRUGS AND BULLYING message, as well as incorporating our “Stranger Danger” teaching which we have adapted as “IF YOU DON’T KNOW-DON’T GO!” The response is nothing short of INCREDIBLE. We are hearing great reports back from parents and schools about the impact of the message on their children. This is a movement and mission that we are grateful God has shared with us and blessed us to be a part of. It is a movement at WAR against the drugs, bullying, kidnapping and broken homes.
We started with The Gotham Knight and now have expanded to 5 fully available characters and two vehicles for appearances. With over $35,000.00 invested in character suits, we are able to keep up with the demand for the Hero Trainings the public is hungry for. We have also added a small team of outstanding people that all have a heart for the little heroes we serve and are committed to bringing the BE THE HERO message that is unique to us and built especially for the heroes of our Tri-State area..."
They operate out of Huntington, West Virginia.
To learn more, see their business license, more photos &  their Facebook contact info, go here.
Apparently they've acquired one of the Batman film cars, too!
So, who's your favorite superhero?

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