Thursday, July 17

Mama Kat Thursday: Duped

I didn't care for any of the Mama Kat official link-up topics this week, but I did use her prompt generator to come up with this topic:
  "You got duped. What happened?"

Unfortunately, I'm a bit on the gullible side. Equally unfortuante, my hubby happens to be a leg-puller. Not in a mean way, but a jovial, spontaneous way.
The last time he successfully pulled my leg was just this year, back in March while we were visiting home in Indiana.
We needed to drive to Effingham, Illinois to pick up my Uncle at the train station, which is about an hour away from Terre Haute, where we were staying with my Mom.
On the way, we passed a billboard advertising something about Effingham and I mused out loud, "That's an odd name. I wonder where it came from? No doubt the town was named after someone."
My husband smoothly replied, "It was named after Bruce Effingham, the 1848 Gold Metal Olympic Shot Putter."
This sounded so plausible, I bought it. So did my Mom in the back seat. We were both completely taken in.
"Really?" I answered, awed that my hubby knew such a fact. I didn't realize he knew anything about the Olympics.
"Oh, I don't know," he replied.
At that point I knew I'd been had.
"You made that up?" I huffed good-naturedly. He laughed.
Mildly embarrassed I'd been totally hood-winked, I said, "I am not going to believe anything you say the rest of the trip."
And I didn't. Which made my hubby roar with contagious laughter every time I expressed a dubious response the rest of the two weeks there.
To this day, the story of Bruce Effingham, the famous 1848 Olympic shot putter still makes us both laugh uproariously.
The first official modern Olympic games, by the way, were held in 1896 in Athens. 

Thanks for visiting!
So, when was the last time someone pulled your leg and got away with it?

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