Tuesday, July 15

Polyvore Tuesday: Maleficent

We did see the film Maleficent. It was enjoyable, but nothing I'd care to own. It might provide good opportunity for discussion about greed, ambition, love and kindness with the kids.
We also recently saw ECHO. Really, it's about the characters relationships to one another and true friendship. Also a clean family movie---but good only as long as you don't look at it too closely, then things that don't make sense stand out like a sore thumb:
For one thing, the adults were apparently all unobservant nit-wits.
And deaf, too. No one hears the kids tromping up the stairs at the girls house or all the clanging & banging in the barn, considering the kids were quite worried about making noise as they crept past the house.
The one boy proved abruptly to be quite the skilled driver not having every driven before before.  (You'll want to be sure and point out to your kids why this isn't realistic!)
And as we walked out, my hubby observed, "That town should've fallen into a massive sink-hole after the space ship left."
Just to mention a few.

Today's Polyvore set is one I made for the "Secret Pal" group member contest, since my secret pal seemed really into Disney cartoon & film characters. 
It's a nice set, but the secret pal contest thing I don't find rewarding enough to be worth my while doing again.

Maleficent, Gift #1

Maleficent, Gift #1 by madamdreamweaver

What have you ever given up as not being worth while?

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