Tuesday, July 29

Polyvore Tuesday: Nature Fairy Set

Greetings! My hubby had a summer head-cold sort of thing for a week, so, naturally, now I have it. I'm taking my Zicam, drinking my ginger tea and so on to try to shorten it's stay. I have one advantage---I can tell immediately when a cold is starting up and Hubby cannot. That's because he has a lot of sinus drainage due to the constantly changing hi and low pressure systems of Gulf Coast weather, so the scratchy throat the indicates an incoming virus isn't obvious to him. 
So I'm staying home tonight from Bible Study we do on base for the young Air Force/Army/Navy kids. No sense sharing.

Today's Polyvore set is one I made for the secret pal thing last month, this one themed on fairies, which she seemed to like.
This is a layered scene of different scenery clip art I found in Polyvore featuring a fairy at the pond's edge.
It's pretty.

Nature Fairy, Gift #2

Nature Fairy, Gift #2 by madamdreamweaver on Polyvore

Giant Allium
My fall Michigan Bulb magazine just arrived in the mail and I was perusing it for bulbs I might be interested in for fall planting.
Naturalizing my back "woodsy" bed with Woods Hyacinths & more Daffodils appeals to me. 

Also I really like to add some Giant Allium in the bed along the back of the house.
Allium, by the way, is the general family that onions, garlic, leeks, shallots and chive belong to. Think of it as a kind of giant chive flower.
So, when you feel a cold coming on, what's your go-to remedies?

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