Tuesday, July 8

Polyvore Tuesday: Profile of An Introvert

Actually, I'm a little bummed today. The Zazzle invitation contest ended yesterday and none of my designs were selected for the finals.  Apparently there were over 1000 entries.
They put 23 they liked best on their Facebook for voting to get the top 3.
If you Facebook and would care to vote, you can go here.
 Voting will be open till July 11.

Today's Polyvore set was one I especially made to highlight traits common to introverts as high-lighted in an article in the Huffington Post called, "23 Signs You're Secretly an Introvert."
I found the link on  Pinterest, emailed the link to my friend, Megan, who emailed it to several friends, who really enjoyed reading the article and found it quite comforting.

Profile of an Introvert

Profile of an Introvert by madamdreamweaver

The main distinction between introverts and extroverts has to do with how they get and process inner energy.
 For example, extroverts get energized by being  around other people; putting them in a isolated cubicle separated from others will de-energize them.  Introverts, o
n the other hand, are energized by quality time alone and putting them in a large group of people drains their energy.
It's not that introverts don't enjoy people or social situations; it's just that they have to plan time with people or social situations in limited doses because it's draining.
I'm actually a good public speaker and can do it easily, but because I'm an introvert, it costs me energy that I'll have to replace later with some nice quality time alone.
Some introverts, like myself, have the added quality of being "highly sensitive intuitives" who have an internal radar that randomly absorbs the emotional climate of people around them resulting in too much internal stimuli.

 This makes being in a crowd literally painful. This is a concept extremely hard for extroverts to even imagine. What? You don't get high on all these people?
 Luckily, my husband, who is an extrovert, gets me and after of day of human interaction, he's quite ready for a quiet, peaceful evening at home with me, his high introvert.
Extroverts, also, need times of quiet non-stimulation; just less then introverts. It's all about balance.
As I consider activities and commitments, I evaluate them in terms of energy. How much energy do I have to spend? How much will be required? Can I afford it? 

Other traits the Huffington Post article pointed out about introverts that I like are:

We hate small talk. Therefore, we hate mingling. We'd rather hang out with people we already know (and, dare I say, trust & enjoy?)

Also we hate to feel artificial, but prefer sincerity--yet another reason to hate superficial gibber-jabber.

We prefer to communicate our thoughts in writing.
(That's why I really, really like emails full of typed out thoughts!)

We really like big picture ideas and concepts, but get bogged down by excessive details. Also we find ideas and concepts are far more exciting then people!

We tend to be overwhelmed in enviroments where there is too much information or activity to take in and shut down.
So which do you tend more toward: introvert or extrovert?

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