Tuesday, July 1

Polyvore Tuesday: Supermarionation!

Did you have a favorite show you watched growing up?
I had many, but I have very fond memories especially of the early 60's marionette shows: Super Car, Stingray and Fireball XL5!
Marionettes are puppets manipulated by strings.
 Stargate SG-1 in the Season 10 episode "200" did a marionette segment of Stargate characters that always reminds me of the shows I grew up on!
My memories of Super Car are vague, but I clearly remember Stingray and Fireball XL5. All were futuristic, sci-fi type shows with marionette heroes.
Underwater shows were popular in the 60's, such as "Sea Hunt" and "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea." 
So Stingray fit right in. I remember it was broadcast in the evenings, weekly I believe.   But it's Fireball XL5 that I remember most strongly, as I watched it on television right after I came home from grade school.

All the Supermarionation shows (and there were 10 different ones apparently) were made in Britain and broadcast on BBC first. 
How and when, if ever, they aired in U.S. varied. I certainly didn't see all 10. I only know of 4, which included the 3 already mentioned plus Thunderbirds, which aired on Saturday mornings for a short time quite a bit after it's original production date.

 Things didn't work at the speed they do now back then. Stuff wasn't digital. It was analog. Actual film reels of shows had to be shipped to broadcast stations to be aired for pick up by TV antennas! 

So, in honor of those great by-gone days of Supermarionation shows, today's Polyvore set features a collage of Super Car, Stingray & Fireball XL5!

Supercar, Stingray & Fireball XL5

Supercar, Stingray & Fireball XL5 by madamdreamweaver 

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Diana Davis said...

Looking at your picture posts, isn't one of those Thunderbirds? Oh sigh! Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and Captain Crane. A favorite of mine long before Logan. I remember Sea Hunt but didn't watch it often, mostly because it wasn't rebroadcast on Baltimore stations as often back in the day.

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