Tuesday, August 5

Polyvore Tuesday: Pretty In Pink

Polyvore has been uninspirational lately. Not much in the way of sponsored contests. Maybe it's because it's summer. 
Plus I've been reallybusy working on my own stuff---thus this set, which features several Doodle Sweetheart designs on new products:
coat rack, a tea towel & cute a bath set.

Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink by madamdreamweaver featuring Triple DoodleSweetheart Bath Set

Zazzle is having a Christmas card design contest this month!
I love Christmas cards and a contest helps inspire those creative juices!  
One of the Air Force guys from our base Bible Study group recently asked me to custom design a shirt for him that says, "It's a blessing," in bold type in white on orange and orange on black. 
These shirts can be customized to any gender, style or color shirt and the text color even changed. 
You can see what's new on the Zazzle panel to the right.
Stop back tomorrow to see what's up in the garden!

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