Tuesday, August 26

Polyvore Tuesday: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014

This week, I was inspired by the recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 2014 film to do a set featuring the movie character Turtles.
We've seen the movie twice. The first time it's just about following the action; the second time allows paying attention to more details and catching dialogue not caught previously.
The film is a good mix of humor & action.
On the 2nd viewing, we stayed till the end of credits (though there's nothing after them), then walked out. Another couple apparently did the same and walked out behind us. 
That guy asked us, "Did you enjoy the movie?"
We turned around to see a black couple about our own age (50-60) 
and said, "Yes, we did."
The lady clenched her fists excitedly and said, "When that comes out, I'm going to get it!" (She was practically jumping up and down.)
So you see there's no age limit on Ninja Turtle love!

TMNT--The Movie (2014)

TMNT--The Movie (2014) by madamdreamweaver 

One of the bad guy characters in the film, Mr. Sacks, described the Turtles as "box turtles," they were experimenting on, which is highly inaccurate--though I think this careless reference is meant to show Sacks indifferent and uncaring attitude.

The film opens showing the turtles as the pet water turtles most of us are familiar with who have ever seen them: Red-eared Sliders.
They have green stripes and a red colored mark on both sides of their heads. They are a true terrapin (i.e. turtle) Semi-aquatic.
(Box Turtles, despite their name, are actually land tortoises.)
I just wanted to point out that error in distinction. Mr Sacks cared about the results; not the subjects.

Want to find out which Ninja Turtle you are?
You can take the test here, at BuzzFeed: Which Turtle Are You?

I took the test. Guess who I came out to be? 
Donatello. Naturally.
My husband took the test. Guess who he is?
Actually that's pretty true to who we are: the brain and the fun guy.
A match made in heaven!

So which Ninja turtle are you?

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