Friday, September 12

Friday Finds: Nickelodeon TMNT at Zazzle!!

Cowabunga, dudes! I've found: Zazzles Official Nickodeon Ninja Turtle Store!
Arranged by Turtle: Donatello, Leonardo, Raphael, Michelangelo,  Group Shots & Holiday, it's easy to navigate!

I've observed in Pinterest that Donatello, both cartoon & movie, has a huge following of female fans!
 Loki may have an army, but, apparently, so does Donnie!
So, for ladies and girls looking for a Donnie t-shirt, I've found the perfect one!

(I chose a purple shirt option, since that's Donatello's color, but there's lots of other colors to choose from! Designs of individual Turtles or the whole team available. Pick your fav!)

Raphael has a pretty big fan following, too, so for Raph fans here's a phone cover sample:

(Other phone cases for Samsung Galaxy, iPod and other iPhones are available with individual Turtle characters or group shots.)

For the Leonardo fans, I have a nice poster print. Canvas wraps are also available:

(There's a large selection of TMNT wall art, both poster & canvas wrap featuring individual Turtles or Group Shots!)

And who wouldn't want a skateboard deck with Michelangelo?

Visit Ninja Turtles, here, to see more TMNT products:
notebooks, computer covers, ipad covers, speakers, cards & postcards. 
Zazzle is licensed to print Nick's TMNT characters.
 I hope they'll eventually expand into the movie characters & art! I'll keep an eye out!
Have a great weekend!  

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