Friday, September 26

Friday Finds: Official Zazzle Bloom County!

Remember that comic strip, Bloom County, that used to be in your weekly Sunday newspaper comic section?
Well, Zazzle now hosts a Bloom County Store!
And all those fun & famous comic characters can now be yours!
So for today's finds I'll be featuring some of my Bloom County favorites!
(For your convenience, links that will take you directly to the Bloom County Store are highlighted green.)

Who doesn't love Bill the Cat? 
I'm not much for wearing t-shirts, but I'd wear this!
Besides tees, Bill the Cat can be found on postage, laptop bags, key chains, decals, phone covers, kindle covers and more!

Bill the Cat "THBBFT" Shirt

How about a "Ahead Warp Zillion" iPad cover?

Ahead Warp Zillion designs are available on wrist bags, mouse pad, notebook, key-chain, pillow, greeting cards, iPad skins & more!
Then there's always the famous Bloom County "Basselope!"

Basselopes Live! is available on phone covers, iPad covers, laptop bags, cards, postcards, key chains & more!
And who doesn't love Opus?

Opus Hello Kindle 3 Cover

Dandelion Break Jigsaw Puzzle

Other characters available include Oliver Wendell, Milo Bloom, Michael Binkley, Billy & the Boingers and lots more Opus!

So if you love Bloom County 
and are looking for a unique gift for someone else---or even yourself--then do stop for a look around!

Happy Shopping! Have a great weekend!
See you Monday!
(Oh, and I should have before & after pictures next week of the new light installations!)

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