Wednesday, September 17

Garden Pic Wednesday: Art Around the Garden

At our Bible Study up on the Air Force base last night, the trivia question for our group was: "if you could invent an app, what would it be?"
All the answers were clever, but my favorite was:
 "A Stun Gun App to turn your phone into a stun-gun."
One of the other guys wittily replied, "Now, that's one pocket call you wouldn't enjoy very much."
We laughed and laughed.

Today's Garden Pics are a stroll through my garden peering at various pieces of "garden art" tucked here and there:

First, the ceramic kitty in my front pot:
Too bad those petunias later died. They succumb to mildew

Next, the shoe themed display in the bed opposite my front door:
That's German Thyme.

And finally, a couple of my Hen and Chicks In Teacups displays:
The large teacup pot is my most recent addition. It used
to hold my Christmas Cactus, but wasn't big enough. The Christmas Cactus was re-potted and the old cup turned to decorative use.

I love Hen & Chicks because they can be put anywhere, require no care & spread freely. Plus such a pretty blue green.
What sort of "Garden Art" is hidden in your garden? 


Gentle Joy said...

Interesting touches in your garden..... hard to believe we are almost at the end of the growing season.... Thank you for sharing this. :)

kelley jensen said...

haha that's so funny about the stun gun. I love the hens and chicks in the tea pots.

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