Tuesday, September 2

Polyvore Tueday: Shell Shocked: Donatello

Well, I finally found some inspiration for Polyvore sets again---the recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles(2014) film!
In the same way I did a whole set of Marvel Avengers sets with fashion matching the hero's color scheme, I've now done for the Turtles. I actually got the idea from someone else's TMNT Polyvore set I saw in Pinterest.
Each of my sets will feature film-framed picture of a Turtle characters, a fashionable leather themed outfit a girl wanting to style herself after that particular Turtle might wear, a cityscape of New York & a background reflective of that particular characters style or interests and a name "signature" I think would suited to the character's personality.

First up: Donatello. 
His color is Purple. Tallest of the Turtles (a whopping 6 foot 8 inches tall!) he's the brainiac of the team, good with science, electronics, mathematics & mechanics. He builds, invents & jury-rigs all the Turtles technology. His  specialty weapon is the Bo Staff, which is in keeping with his milder, more peaceable nature, though he's as able-bodied a fighter as his brothers. But if he can use technology rather then fight, he will.

I'd consider him probably a book-worm intellectual, highly detail orientated and socially awkward. 

Official movie site into says Donnie is more anxious and nervous then his brothers, which might suggest more digestive sensitivities. (He said he had nausea on film while Splinter was trying to get them to confess their whereabouts.)

Donnie's unique signature style is a neat and precise with a flourish on the D.
Shell Shocked/Donatello

The set background has a geometric-scientific theme and the glasses in the foreground are a nod toward the glasses they put on the movie character.
Each set is topped with "Shell-Shocked," which is the movie song track title featured at the end of the film.
One has to keep in mind, despite their brawny size on-screen, the Turtles are still just 15 year old kids, figuring out who they are & what they can do. They've never interacted with actual people before meeting April and their entire knowledge of the human world is based on books, the internet and Youtube.
And please be sure to spell Donnie's name correctly--he's sensitive about that!
He goes by "Don" or "Donnie" or "D".


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