Monday, September 29

Polyvore Tuesday: Mikey In The House

Starting today, for the next month, my Polyvore Tuesdays will be hosting a set of 4 car-themed Ninja Turtles sets with each set feature a auto in that Turtles signature color. Plus more weekly trivia about the Turtle characters or the film!
So today's set features a Michelangelo movie art poster and an Orange Scion Box.
Initially, because the song "Shell Shocked," mentioned an "orange Lamborghini called Michelangelo," I made a set with a Lamborghini. But it never felt right to me. A Lamborghini just did NOT feel like Mikey.
 But a orange Scion Box decked out with throbbing sub-woofers that make everyone else's car at the stoplight vibrate--now that feels right!

Mikey In The House

Mikey In The House by madamdreamweaver 

Today's Trivia features highlights of an interview article with Noel Fisher, who played him in the 2014 film about working with this fellow-Turtle actors, nunchuk training and Mikey's crush on April and an extra tidbit trivia about that song, "Happy Together." 

 How did he and the other actors playing Donnie, Raph & Leo get along?

"We met," he said, "in the final casting in Los Angeles. There, we had a lot of chemistry. But when we got to New York, and we started hanging out in New York, it was immediately clear that these three guys were my brothers. They are totally family at this point. That for sure comes out in the Turtles. We wanted to bring that..." (to our performance.)

About Mikey's infatuation with April:
"Well, I think that's one of the things I was happy about: the way they approached that in the movie. Because he is this kid. It's an innocent crush kind of thing. Its innocent and teenager like. There is even a line where we're taking off, and it's in the background, and Mikey's like, 'Guys, I finally talked to a girl!' He's really excited about that. I can't imagine that it would ever be a serious thing. I'm not sure how that would work. I like how it is, it's a very light crush. It's kind of cute. It stayed just right. It stayed very Mikey and it was very innocent. In that way, he is the perfect character to do that with because he is definitely the most child-like out of the turtles."

Did he and the other Turtle actors really use those various weapons?:  
Well, first, the computer doesn't really do much without someone there doing the motion of it. In terms of our weapons, we all got trained by the stunt crew that did the movie. For a solid month we would go out a few times a week and we would just train and train and train with our individual weapons. It takes a lot of time to get comfortable with them. They are such a big part of who the Turtles are. It influences everything from their fighting style to their personalities. Mikey has the nunchaku. They are a little bit wild and they flail around a bit, sort of like him. He has to have a little bit of that flavor. If I'm going to do that character justice...and we all felt like this...we really wanted to make sure we were as comfortable as we could be with our weapons."

Song Trivia:
Remember that song Mikey was singing out the back of the van at the end of the movie, "Happy Together?"

And do you recall which band originally wrote & sang that particular song?
LOL, that British band, The Turtles!
Of course, what else would a Turtle sing?
So, who is your favorite British Invasion band?
For me--it was Beatles. I grew up on their cartoon, their movies & their music. I saw Yellow Submarine when it was aired for the first time on television.

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