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Polyvore Tuesday: Shell Shocked/Leonardo

Welcome! Like previous sets in this series, today's set features fashion a lady wanting to style herself after Ninja Turtle leader, Leonardo, might consider wearing. Leo's mask color is blue and his weapon of choice: a pair of Katana swords.
Regarded as the eldest of the brothers, Leo is the calmest, most serious and most focused of the Turtles, making him Splinter's choice for leader. Leo tends to be overly serious, however, and doesn't laugh easily. He generally doesn't get what his brothers find funny. And unlike his brothers, who see Ninjitsu as simply a martial art, Leo regards it as a philosophy and a way of life.
Leo's unique signature is cursive without slant. It's upright, precise and serious, just like he is.

Shell Shocked/Leonardo

Shell Shocked/Leonardo by madamdreamweaver 

When you saw the movie, did you wonder what that stick-vest thing on Leo's chest was?

I did. Well, apparently, it's symbolic of Japanese "dou armor," (pronounced "do" as in "I do like that."). 
Example of Modern Cosplay
Samurai  Armor
Dou armor was protective chest armor usually made of metal or leather worn by a Samurai Warrior. Of course, the stick version Leo wears isn't for protection; he wears it to remind himself to put his faith in himself and his brothers.
(Leo character info from Nickelodeon)

In fact, all the neo Mad Max looking attire Donnie, Leo & Raph are all sporting in the movie: the shoulder pads, the shin and arm guards, even the "kusazuri" or skirt-like panels they have hanging around their waists from their belts--all represent various aspects of Samurai armor.
Now that I understand that, I totally get the costuming.

The fact that the Ninja Turtles style themselves after Samurai  is interesting, since, historically, actual Samurai Warriors and Ninjas, in their original cultural context in feudal Japan, couldn't be more different!
 Samurai were of noble blood, adhered to a super strict code of ethics for combat and worked for an authority, such as shogun or emperor. Highly honorable, they always fought face to face and their armor was colorful. Katana's were also uniquely a Samurai weapon. They regarded Ninja's as despicable and devoid of honor.

 Ninja's were commoners, had no code of ethics for anything and worked for whoever would pay them enough, friend or foe. Ninja's wore all black, since they specialized in ambush, espionage, sabotage, infiltration and assassination. They were more given to stabbing in the back, then fighting face to face.

And there you have it: why the movie Turtles dress as they do & a little truth vs fiction about Samurai's & Ninja's.

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