Tuesday, September 16

Polyvore Tuesday: Shell Shocked/Mikey

Today's Polyvore set features Ninja Turtle Michelangelo, who generally goes by "Mikey."  His mask color is orange. The set features an all leather outfit a girl, wanting to theme her attire on this Ninja Turtle's fun skateboarder style, might choose, including Vans shoes. Since, in the movie, Mikey is wearing a necklace comprised of Cowrie shells, I located a pair of Cowrie shell earrings to put in the set.
This Ninja Turtle is really into skateboarding, pizza and Orange Crush soda and his weapon of choice is a pair of nunchuks.
As a character, he's the spontaneous guy; the guy who's all about fun. He's also hyper, talkative, easily distracted and not very focused. Of all the Turtles, he's the most culturally savvy and least interested in the Samurai styled armor gear like his brothers wear.

Mikey's unique signature is printed style rather then cursive and he'd prefers to use his nickname, because it's just more fun to write something quick, then something long.

I actually have fond memories of skateboarding.
Not that I've ever skated myself, but my hubby's son, during the years when he was a teenager and visiting us, was BIG into it. That was the late 80's, the era of skate greats like Tony Hawk and Mike McGill, were just starting out and still in their 20's.
Believe it or not, I used to know every part of a skateboard by name and most of the skater terminology, like "ollie," etc. 
Our son's friends had a home-made plywood quarter-pipe they'd bring over and skate on and we'd rent a VHS movie camera from the VHS movie store and film them skating.
(Ahem...that was before DVD's. Unfortunately, the tapes were damaged or lost, so none are left.)
And, because we wanted our son to listen to positive music rather then secular metal for skating to, we tried to get him into the various Christian metal bands of the day, such as Stryper, Bride, Guardian, White Cross, X-Sinner, Bloodgood and so on. In the end, we ourselves got hooked on it.
Back in the day, Hubby and I had even had a chance to speak personally to both Scott Wenzel, lead singer for White Cross, and also Dale Thompson, lead singer for Bride.
So, to this day I have a fondness in my heart for skateboarding stuff and I still love the old Christian metal.
Of course, some of those bands disappeared over time, while others adapted to the changing music styles and they live on:
Here's a few, if you're interested:
Bride's official website, where you can see a selection of their videos on You Tube if you like. 
X-Sinner official website 
Bloodgood official site
Stop back tomorrow to see what's in the garden!

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