Tuesday, October 21

Polvyore Tuesday: Leonardo & Blue Mustang

Today, my final car themed Ninja Turtle set, this one being a modern Ford Mustang in Leonardo blue!
Like Raph, I don't think Leo would prefer a car he'd have to work on all the time.
Leonardo Blue Mustang

Leonardo was portrayed by Pete Ploszek.
Pete Ploszek
(You can click on his name above for a You Tube link to him talking about his role as Leonardo and hear his actual voice.)
But they didn't use his actual voice on film.  Johnny Knoxville was hired to voice-over for Leonardo instead.
I looked and looked for an explanation, but found no particular reason specified. All I found out is the Turtle actors were only guaranteed the physical acting job; not necessarily their voice use, though the actors portraying Donnie, Raph & Mikey were lucky enough to have their real voices left in.

So I'm left to making a couple guesses for why the Leo voice-over:
#1) Maybe Nickelodeon wanted their movie Turtles to have a voice tone somewhat similar to the voices of their Ninja Turtle cartoon characters.
#2) Or maybe they wanted each Turtle to have a voice so distinctive, the audience could easily identify which Turtle was speaking just by sound and Pete's voice wasn't different enough from the other actors voices to do that, in their opinion.
But, like I said, those are just guesses.
Of course, Pete said all the lines while acting the part, then Johnny's voice was looped in later.
Pete is originally from Illnois and he and his wife presently live in Los Angeles. He's has a Master of Fine Arts in Acting.

Pete's eyes &  his eyes as Leonardo

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