Tuesday, October 7

Polyvore Tuesday: Donatello & Classic Purple Camero

For Dontello, as part of my Turtle theme-color collection of car sets, I selected a late 60's model classic purple Camero.
love classic muscle cars, particularly if they're restored to original. 
I figure Donnie could handle the maintenance a classic such as this would require, since he built the whole Shellraiser vehicle he was driving in the movie. So not just a computer nerd, Donnie is apparently also quite the mechanic and no doubt a fair electrician & plumber, since who else is going wire up all the Lair's lights? Or plumb bathroom & drinking water resources from the plentiful underground piping?
And considering all the stuff built from pallets in the Lair--not bad with a hammer either.
Classic Camero in Donatello Purple

Did you wonder why they put glasses on Donnie in the movie?
This has had mixed fan reaction, so I did my best to run down the reasoning. The bottom line is this: Peter Laird, one of the creators of the TMNT comics, apparently willed it so. He wanted movie Donnie to be near-sighted.
However, the magnification the glasses give his eyes actually suggest to me he's far-sighted. I'm far-sighted and that's what my glasses do: they make my eyes larger & wider. Near-sighted glasses tend to make eyes appear smaller & narrower.
Besides, Donnie's glasses have sort of grown on me as complimentary to his shy & socially inept, yet super-genius character. 

Which leads to another question: where does Donnie get corrective lenses?
It's not like he can go to an eye doctor.
According to Nickelodeon's official description of movie Donnie, "he learned how to grind his own lenses by watching every glass-making video on the Internet, of which there are 3."
 From there, he invented those fancy biometric goggles, which feed him info on every person or thing he comes in contact with. They also monitor his vitals, like heart rate, and his anxiety levels.
 So, it's no stretch of the imagination then, that he uses his bio-metric goggles to figure out what he needs in the way of eye glass correction, grinds the lenses & inserts them in his frames himself. Viola. 
Money flow is another question:
 Buying enough Pizza Hut Pizza to feed 4 burly teenagers wouldn't come cheap! Not to mention 15 year old teenage boys, even if they are Turtles, eat like both legs are hallow!
 Plus they've got like a dozen cases of orange & grape Crush on the floor near their frig, they apparently buy "Frosted Pop Tarts" (which Donnie licks the frosting off of) and Donnie specifically said, after figuring out the code to stop Shredder's plan, that that he'd be buying Italian dinner. (carry out delivered, no doubt.)  Nickelodeon also notes that the Turtles order their pizza from various fav places.
Well, I ran down an indicator of an answer in Nickelodeon's official description for movie Donnie:
Nickelodoen also notes that Donnie, " builds computers, writes his own code and is currently seeking financing for his new start up."
Bingo. Donnie, at least for some years now, has had some kind of on-line business going on that's providing a cash flow. And nowadays, with a Pay Pal account, you can pretty much order and pay for just about anything remotely, like Pizza or groceries or even take-out from an Italian restaurant, and just have it delivered--a thing especially common & easy in New York. All they'd need is a specific above ground drop off point where the delivered item could be left for them to retrieve. No face to face contact required.
(I even googled for Manhattan on online grocery shopping with delivery and, yup, it can be done, easy as pie.)

As for when they were young, before Donnie got a business going, I can't say exactly how they might've paid for pizza, but really, a resourceful Ninja Turtle could probably find whole, still warm, relatively fresh pizza's in boxes in dumpsters behind pizza places, free. Even secured dumpsters wouldn't stop a Ninja.
Literally tons of still usable food is being discarded in this country by grocery stores, fast-food chains & restaurants all the time.
We used to know a couple guys who used to dumpster dive for aluminium cans for recycling cash, back in the days when it was going for 50 cents a pound, and they were always looking in dumpsters. One night they looked in dumpster behind a popular local chain pizza delivery place and discovered loads of still warm boxes of whole pizzas, right on top, in easy reach. They didn't take any, but told us about it because they found it sooo astonishing.

That's why I say the Turtles could scrounge Pizza easily.

The Turtles apparently love Pizza Hut Pizza in particular.
What about you? Who's your go-to fav pizza for home delivery?

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