Tuesday, October 14

Polyvore Tuesday: Raphael & Red Challenger

Today I have for you my next car-themed Ninja Turtle set featuring Raphael with a modern Challenger in his favorite color: Red!
I figured he wouldn't want a car he had to work on all the time, so he'd go for a current model.

Raphael Red Challenger

The actor who portrayed Raphael was Alan Ritchson.
Alan Ritchson
I was recentlywatching a interview by him on You Tube about his role in the TMNT film, then suddenly noticed my home town associated with his name---that's when I suddenly remembered who he was!
Alan graduated from Niceville High School, right here in my town of Niceville, Florida.
 He's a military brat--his Dad is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant and the family settled in  our area when Alan was 10.
I learned this after first seeing him as Aquaman on Smallville, which resulted in a huge write-up in the local paper on "local boy who's made good."
He also was in the first Hunger Games and he's a songwriter/singer with an album out. Alan is married with two children. I'm sure they quietly sneak back here to visit the folks with the grand-kids whenever that can. 
On being the Raphael Ninja Turtle role, I read that he said he was constantly spinning those Sai in his hands, so they'd to look correct when he handled them on-screen.
Also, the studio used Alan's actual voice for Raphael and that's him you're hearing. No voice-overs. 

Each Turtle's eyes roughly reflected their individual actors eyes:

Alan  as himself & as Raphael

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