Tuesday, October 28

Polyvore Tuesday: TMNT Donatello Art Set

Today begins a new set of art poster themed Ninja Turtle Sets, starting off with Donatello. 
Each will feature a movie Ninja Turtle character along with more assorted trivia related to either characters or movie.
I Got You Brother/Donatello

I wanted to create some general height & weight stats for each movie Ninja Turtle for this art set of posts---which is no small challenge, since there are none. Well, one. At the official "Meet The Turtles" movie site, I found a single height stat given for Donatello and only Donatello. 
That said Donnie's height stat is 6 foot 8 inches tall. 
 He's basketball player tall!
That offered a starting place for estimating the other Turtles heights (the elevator) and once I had rough height estimates, then I could figure a weight based on their builds.
 I examined the real stats of real athletes that seemed comparable to each Turtles height & build to get a starting body weight, then added in a minimum estimate of 45 lbs to cover shell weight of both back and front.
(I figured it couldn't be less then 40 lbs, but more then 50 lbs might be too  much, so that's how I settled on 45.)

Nickname: Donnie, Don or just D.
Age: 15
Height: 6' 8" (80 inches) He's tallest.
Weight: a slim 260 to 270 lbs (including shell)
Eye Color: Golden
Skin Tone:  A tad lighter green then Raph or Leo, but darker then  Mikey.
IQ: Genius level, between 150 to 190 (Einstein was 160)
Personality Quirks: High-strung & prone to nervousness/anxiety; shy & socially awkward; enjoys research & reading; tends to be slightly obsessive-compulsive (OCD) in the sense he can be fussy about order & accuracy and fixates on a problem he wants to solve until it's solved. Doesn't share his feelings much and, being an introvert, enjoys hours working alone in his lab, away from the bros.
Hobbies: Enjoys memorizing computer code, even out-dated computer languages, such as INTERCAL, and is an all-around inventor, scientist, chemist, mechanic, hacker and general computer nerd. He even invented a vegan pepperoni alternative in his lab for his brothers to try out--which everyone, except Mikey, liked better then regular pepperoni.
(This personality info compiled from various official Nickelodeon sources and/or TMNT movie sources, except the weight estimate and the introvert enjoying time alone bit, but common knowledge about introverts.)
Jeremy Howard
On screen, Donatello was portrayed by actor Jeremy Howard, who is himself 6 foot 4. (Click his name to see his Premiere TMNT Interview on You Tube.)
 A native of California, he was born in Burbank in 1981.
He's best known for Galaxy Quest, How the Grinch Stole Christmas & TMNT.

He did train extensively using the Bo Staff and his actual voice is the one they used for Donatello on film.

Jeremy's eyes & his eyes as Donatello

If you watch the show "Scorpion," which is about a team of super high IQ geniuses,  I believe you could get a feel for
Donatello's potential difficulties at processing his own or anyone else's feelings or the struggle & isolation he'd experience living 3 brothers & Splinter who can't understand or communicate with him on his level. Plus there's Raph's constant mockery, calling him a "dork," all the time.

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