Thursday, November 27

Friday Finds: My Zazzle iPhone6 Designs:

For the past few weeks, I've been participating in a Blog Challenge from Zazzle to promote their iPhone6 Cases, which is why I've been featuring them every Friday.
To shop Zazzle's extensive line of iPhone 6 Cases, go here!
You can also visit my Pinterest for more Zazzle Shopping onthe following boards:
Christmas Shopping. Pillow Shopping. Lamp & Clock Shopping.
Cool Designs & Gift Ideas. Christian Apparel/Cases/Gifts.
And Others for Tea, Coffee, Cats, Funny T-shirts, etc.
 Plus Today I'm going to show you a few of my own newest iPhone6 Designs!
(Also available for 6 Plus, iPhone 5's & Graft, iPod Touch, Galaxy's 5 & 4 & Droid Razr.)

(I'm especially proud of this one---worked hard to make the photo space work properly! A damask looks a little like wallpaper.)

I love the colors! I did each letter individually to create this look!

I love the cracked and dithered paint effect! The flower was a gerber from my garden originally.

My favorite coffee design! Carpe Di-Java is fake Latin I made up to say, "Seize the Coffee." The mug & donuts were a still life photo I did.

Happy Shopping & Have a Great Weekend!

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