Friday, November 14

Friday Finds: Zazzle iPhone 6 Wallets

Have you considered an iPhone Wallet for your new iPhone 6?
Made of faux leather, iPhone wallets have a magnetic clasp, two card slots for ID or Credit Cards and 1 pocket!
My friend looked at a iPhone wallet at a local store here in town and the price was $89! 
 Zazzle iPhone Wallets are a much better deal! Prices starting under $30.00!

Just add your own photo!  

Personalize it with a name!

 Monogram Gallery is full of designs you can personalize!
 Christmas photo cards, weddings & more case options!

Chat Noir et Cafe Noir iPhone 6 Wallet from My Coffee Shop!

Be sure to visit My Coffee Shop for more lovely coffee themed products! 
And if you're want to shop iPhone 6 or 6 Plus cases, go here!
That's it for today!  Have a great weekend!

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