Tuesday, November 25

Polyvore Tuesday: Fight As A Family Art Set

My final TMNT themed art set: this one featuring just the Ninja Turtles eyes 
The design includes watercolor city landscapes and an old Japanese symbol for "family."

Fight As A Family

Fight As A Family by madamdreamweaver

There are some large differences between the story-lines of the Nickelodeon 2014 TMNT Film and the current on-going Nick TMNT Cartoon. This is particularly evident in varying background details concerning Splinter:

In the Film:

* Splinter is simply a lab rat who has mutated into just a larger rat. 
* He's really no older then the Turtles he's raised, despite having assumed a parental role, and whatever wisdom he has is more from books then life experience. (There's like tons of books on the movie set.)
* Splinter taught himself Ninjitsu from books he found, then taught his sons. 
* His only history with Shredder is really just being aware of Shredders evil intentions for New York.
* Aside from the general cultural reference of being Ninja's, there's nothing inherently Japanese about either Splinter or the Turtles. Therefore, their application of anything Japanese can only be hodge-podge based on whatever they they wish to make use of.  For example: The word Hashi means "chopsticks" in Japanese, which they use to refer to a disciplinary time-out Splinter has developed, though the two concepts seem unrelated. Plus there's plenty of Chinese decor on the sets as well signifying a potpourri approach. 

* In the film, the Turtles are 15 year old teens, while other human characters are all adults in their mid-20's or older.

In the Cartoon:
* Splinter is a 40 year old Japanese man who has been mutated into a tall, man-sized rat through an accidental exposure to mutagen. His real name is Hamato Yoshi. He mutated to a rat because he was exposed to a rat simultaneously with the mutagen. The turtles mutated humanoid because they were exposed to human Hamato Yoshi. (they were pet store water turtles he'd just bought)
* Acting as a parent to the Turtles, his wisdom is from real life experience as a human; not just books.
* He was already Master Ninja before he was a rat, so his knowledge & skills in Ninjitsu are personal and real.
* Since he is actually Japanese, Splinter naturally raised his Turtle sons speaking & understanding Japanese, to know each Ninjitsu move by it's Japanese name, to obey his commands in Japanese, to eat with chopsticks and generally live according to what he culturally knows.
* He is a member of a particular Japanese clan and wears his clan symbol on the back of his red kimoto.
* His history with Shredder is also more personal. They belonged to rival clans while living in Japan, but when Shredder was the only one left of his clan as a boy,Splinter's family adopted him and they were raised as brothers. Later, they had a falling out over a woman who chose to marry Hamato over Shredder and she was accidentally killed by Shredder during an attack on Splinter. Shredder blames Splinter for her loss, so Shredder has a vendetta against Splinter and that's what brought him to New York--to kill him.   
* In the cartoon, the Turtles, April, Casey Jones and Karai are all equally teenagers. 
* I'll also point out ALL the Turtles have an interest in romantic female companionship: Donnie likes April, Leo likes Karai and I I've read a love interest for Mikey planned for this season. It's not like Raphael isn't equally interested, it's just that he's pragmatic that it isn't a realistic thing to seek, saying, "We're freaks. It will never work out." He even said to Leo about Donnie and April: "You know it will never work out." and Leo replied, "I know."  But it's easy to be pragmatic when there's nothing on the radar; if the right girl came along he'd fall just as hard as the others.
Japanese, by the way, is rated as #6 on the list of top ten most difficult languages to learn. 
Hope you enjoyed these various informative TMNT Polyvore sets, the trivia, movie lore and set pictures!

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